Service, maintenance, and prophylaxis of the devices are main priority for the FIVO team. We believe that the act of providing high quality service does not end at the moment when contract is signed, but developing into the next phase – customer care.

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What happens when you sign a contract with us?


FIVO’s team takes care of the full disinfection of your device before it even reaches you!

Disinfection of the operating surface of the device

The hot water container is filled with water and injected with P3 OXONIA Active 150 detergent. Our technicians are certified to work with disinfection detergents, including those made for the food industry. They measure quantity of the detergent according to the capacity of the container. The solution works for 30 minutes, after which it is rinsed continuously until any remains of the detergent are removed.

The cold container is treated for 10 minutes with microfibre towel soaked in P3 TOPAX 66 (3% solution). This detergent is made for surfaces and facilities for manufacture and storage of food and drinks. After 10 minutes the container is rinsed profusely with drinking water.

Filter Activation
The pair of filters is rinsed with the help of an antibacterial hose connected to the water supply network. The procedure lasts 30 minutes. The rinsing is done with the purpose of activating the operating processes of the filters so they can work effectively from the first moment we install the dispenser at your working space.



During the installation of the device, all of our engineers and technical specialists take care not to contaminate and disrupt the client’s interior or cause any discomfort to the closely working people. All of them wear gloves and masks, which ensures high level of hygiene at every stage of the device installation: connecting the device to the water supply network, setting up the water’s pathway to the device, the exterior disinfection and sealing of the device with protective stickers, which resemble the vignette ones.

FIVO device is connected to the water supply network through an antibacterial hose which does not allow microorganism growth on its walls. It is made from PVC material and it has a size of only 6,3 mm.

Protective vignette sticker

The device’s openable parts are sealed with a protective vignette sticker, which rips in the case of an attempt to unseal it. Through the sticker we guarantee the quality of the provided service. If the sticker condition is impaired, you need to contact us immediately so we can do full prophylaxis and ensure the water quality in your device.



Each client receives an individual plan for prophylaxis and filter replacement. This way FIVO provides its clients with a combination of unlimited, perfectly clean, drinking water, and high level of hygiene of the device.

What happens during the prophylaxis?

With every filter replacement, our team performs full exterior and interior disinfection of the device, sealing it again with a sticker, at the end.

When is the prophylaxis performed?

In certain cases, such as repairs of the city water supply infrastructure, accidents, planned water outage, or other types of repairs, there might be high water pressure, sand or other large particles in the water. In order to avoid damage to any of the filters, our team performs prophylaxis in these cases. The rest of the time our technicians provide planned filter replacement and prophylaxis every 12 months.


Our team’s specialty is quick reaction in case of an accident or failure of the water supply network, or the device. We respond to your request within the same working day.

All services for business clients, including prophylaxis, filter replacement and reaction in emergency situations, are included in device’s monthly rent.

With FIVO you don’t have any additional expenses and hidden fees!

If you wish to contact us, you can do so through our national phone number0700 1234 1 (during working days, between 09:00AM and 06:00PM). There we will respond to your question or request, or will redirect you to the most suitable person on the team.

The rest of the time you can reach out to our Regional managers. In case of emergency, they will respond and assist you in the best possible way.

Regional Manager Sofia and Southwest Bulgaria

Mariana Dimova

+359877 57 1234

Regional Manager Sofia and Southwest Bulgaria

Veselin Zahariev

+359877 42 1234

Regional Manager Central and South Bulgaria

Yovko Georgiev

+359878 42 1234

Vasil Kobarelov

General Manager/ Director
0877 93 1234

Regional Manager North Bulgaria

Petar Karov

+359876 72 1234

Regional Manager Southeast Bulgaria

Yanko Hatov

+359 876 69 1234

Regional Manager Northeast Bulgaria

Georgi Stamatov

+359876 94 1234