FIVO provides custom solution for every client!

Every business, regardless of its size and field of work, needs high quality, comfortable, affordable, and effective solutions. Ensuring availability of high-quality drinking water in the workplace is the first and most important step to take care of the people in every organisation.


If you have a small office, studio, or saloon, with a team of 5 to 50 people, check out FIVO’s solutions for small and medium enterprises. They ensure the highest level of hygiene and quality of the water. In addition, FIVO ensure cost efficiency and eliminates the need of dealing with orders, deliveries of mineral water, deliveries of gallons and wasting spaces for storage.

If your company’s team consists more than 50 people, then FIVO can offer you solutions for Corporate clients. They provide you with a complete service cycle, which can guarantee an effective approach to ensuring high-quality water, low expenses, full technical support for the dispensers, along with continuity of the service. Your carbon footprint, associated with plastic bottles and gallons, will be drastically reduced, bringing your Green policy and Corporate social responsibility to a next level.

FIVO provides suitable solutions for the Public sector as well. They have already been applied to many government establishments and community offices, hospitals and healthcare institutions, kindergartens etc. Innovative, high-quality, effective, and affordable. This is what makes FIVO the preferred partner of various public sector organisations.